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Tiny Islands Invitational Opens August 20th at the Catbird Seat Gallery

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Have you an island of your mind or one you peek at as you whiz by in your car, or one that you gaze upon from shore that lends a degree of peace, a chance for adventure for solitude or that you populate with your friends, real or imagined?...
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Catbird Seat Gallery Announces Pottery Sculpture Series By Shanna Wheelock and Poet, Chris Crittenden

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A pottery sculpture series, Pomgrenades by Shanna Wheelock sparks discussion on war and peace with poet/etheicst Chris Crittenden, both of Lubec. One wields words, one rearranges earth. Both provoke thought. Free discussion/poetry reading at the Catbird Seat Gallery & Eastport School of Arts, #3...
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